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Golden State Bouldering is a comprehensive guide to the greater Bay Area of California, with information on the outdoor bouldering around San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Rosa, and Santa Cruz.

Golden State Bouldering is a comprehensive guide to the greater Bay Area of California, with information on the outdoor bouldering around San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Rosa, and Santa Cruz.

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Golden State Bouldering puts a philosophical twist on climbing, exploring the underlying fringe with accessible reflections by renowned philosophers as well as local climbers.

  • Is climbing absurd?

  • What are the 100 top problems in The Bay?

  • What do rocks feel? 

  • Is "Bitch" an offensive problem name? 

  • Are fun things less meaningful? 

  • Are highballs impossible, conceptually? 

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We worked with local organizations to ensure that Golden State Bouldering is accurate, inclusive, and absolutely awesome.​

  • Bay Area Climbers Coalition

  • C.R.A.G.S.

  • Queer Crush

  • ParaCliffHangers

  • California Climbing

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“The California coast is like a dream to me. I love being by the water, and it feels surreal to climb on boulders directly on a beach. Whenever I get frustrated or just need a break, I can always get in the water for a bit. With dozens of maps and hundreds of photos, Golden State Bouldering has all the information you need to have this type of experience for yourself.”

Meagan Martin, Professional Climber & Ninja Warrior Champion


“I started climbing in the Bay Area, and twenty years later, it is still one of my favorite places. Golden State Bouldering is the guide I always wish I had. This book represents a lifetime of passion and dedication by locals to develop these pristine areas. New climbers can use it to transition from the gym to the crag, and long-term climbers will learn something new about the local areas they already love.”

Kevin Jorgeson, Professional Climber

“What you hold in your hands is a love letter to Bay Area bouldering. This guide has been expertly crafted through a lifetime of experience and years of research. As you read through these pages, don’t forget to look for opportunities to honor and protect our amazing climbing areas.”

Peter Monks, President of the Bay Area Climbers Coalition


Kimbrough Moore

Kimbrough Moore has been climbing 30 years and is the author of two previous climbing guides: Yosemite Bouldering and Black Mountain Bouldering. He has made many contributions to the climbing community, including hundreds of first ascents in California, China, and Colombia. In addition to climbing 5.14 routes and double-digit boulder problems, he is equally capable of falling on 5.9. Kimbrough has a PhD in Philosophy, and when not at the rocks, he teaches at San Francisco State University.



Shannon Joslin

Shannon Joslin is a climber, scientist, and lover of animals. While assembling the genomes of endangered species of fish for her PhD work at UC Davis, she wrote Yosemite Bouldering — it’s hard to say which was a more arduous endeavor. Nowadays she can be found working in Yosemite National Park as the park’s Quantitative Wildlife Biologist. She lives a dreamy life mapping bat populations along cliff sides and managing wildlife data. In her free time, she does much of the same by exploring the walls, the wilderness, and the wildlife in and around Yosemite. 


Leo Popovic

Leo Popovic is a renowned illustrator, graphic artist, and web designer living in Los Angeles. Originally from Argentina, Leo was born to see the world through a unique lens that is experienced in his art and illustrated throughout this guide. See his latest work on Instagram (@leo_pop) or online at

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